In the spirit of the season…


So, ’tis the season of gift shopping and gift buying.  If you’re like me, your tastes are pretty specific and difficult to describe to someone else.  That also means that unless I’ve actually said “I love this artwork because” X, Y, and Z, it’s really hard for someone to pick, out of a selection of paintings or photographs or even pottery the one thing I would choose for myself.  Yes, it’s the thought that counts, but someone wouldn’t necessarily know which thing I would be really drawn to, or what I think would go well with my style or decor or space.

Which is why I think it’s difficult to do a holiday show with large, somewhat expensive (though it’s all relative of course!) original artwork.  I think folks prefer to buy artwork for themselves rather than for others, because they’re afraid of getting something the other person wouldn’t like.  And if it’s something that has to hang on the wall, well, let’s just say it’s not something easy to switch out at the last minute when Aunt Mabel is coming over and you need to suddenly rearrange your walls to put up that awful thing she bought you two years ago but has been in the attic ever since.

So far I’ve done a few holiday shows, and I’ve found that people who like my work and gravitate toward it prefer to buy my original art for themselves and prints for others.  I love it — they want to share my work around!  They also tend to opt for more well-known authors or stories, something more easily relatable than some of the obscure stuff I find and embed into my artwork.   In this vein, many a gift-seeker has requested certain themes… a flamingo, a giraffe, a lizard, a collection of Emily Dickinson poems, funny quotations, etc.

Your wish is my command!  For the season, I’ve begun a line of handpainted giclees, most of animals and pets, which are all either well-known stories or sets of moving and/or funny quotations by famous folk.  Check out my Etsy shop for the latest, and PLEASE! keep those requests coming!  I’m having a blast!  But don’t worry… I’m still working in layers of glass, I’m still working with poetry… it’s ALL (still!) WORDS!







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