Come see me!


So here’s the calendar for this summer’s shows… Now the tricky part is to figure out a) which pieces to bring to each show, and b) once everything is set up and I’m waiting for folks to come look and hopefully talk to me, what do I do with myself?

There’s a weird balance between making sure that people feel welcomed and that they’re not bothering me, making sure I’m not hounding or pressuring them (see: carnival barker description from last year),  and being out of my mind bored.

I can work on some sketches or perhaps even paint, but I’ve been told that people feel awkward interrupting me and don’t want to bother me.

I can read a book but that’s just kinda rude.

I can try to hide an earbud and pretend like I’m not listening to anything, which would also be rude.

I can just sit there eating fair food all day, but, first of all, ick, and second of all, I need to not have to buy yet another larger size.

Or I can be bored out of my skull hoping people will come talk to me and praying they’ll buy something to perk me up.

What would your reactions be? Would you avoid talking to someone who’s working on a piece of artwork? Would you feel it’s rude if I was doing something other than sitting there waiting hopefully for customers?  Got any other suggestions?

May 21, 22  Shadyside Art & Craft Festival, Pittsburgh, PA

May 28, 29, 30  Patriot-News Artsfest in Harrisburg, PA       (

June 11, 12  Art at Ives, Danbury, CT

July 9, 10  Haddonfield, NJ

August 20, 21 Arts at the Gardens, Sonnenberg Gardens, Canandaigua, NY    (

September 10, 11 Clothesline Festival at the Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester NY  (

October 8-9 and 15-16  Greater Ithaca Art Trail (

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