Ketubah with a twist and a Bridal Expo??!

Ketubah with a twist and a Bridal Expo??!

Artful backgrounds often accompany words, poems, stories – simple flourishes can add atmosphere to a story, illuminated scripts kept many an artist busy in candlelit Medieval abbeys, and a good illustrator can keep a young reader’s imagination piqued.  As you can tell, my artwork blends poetry – “language art,” with pictures, colors, textures, visual elements – to create a unified whole.  The words are the art.  I’m always looking for ways to express this in different ways, whether it’s by playing with materials, media, colors, or simple light and shadow.  And on a practical note, I’m also keeping my eyes open for new ways to get my work “out there.”

I had an interesting experience a couple of months ago when I was asked to create something that incorporates a wedding proposal that would be used by a very romantic guy to ask his girlfriend to marry him…  Commissions are always a rather dicey proposition, if you’ll excuse the pun.  Art is completely subjective — where one person swoons another might shrug — so there’s no guarantee that it will be as well received by the giftee as it was conceived by either the giftor or the artist commissioned to do the work.


I loved the idea of using a piece of art to express such a momentous occasion in one’s life, and it brought to mind the Jewish tradition of a ketubah — a wedding contract, usually decorated and framed for hanging in the home. While I don’t necessarily agree with all the text that might go into one, especially extremely strict traditional ones, I believe that a piece of art that uses the couple’s own words in the image itself could become a cherished part of a family’s home and shared history.

So on February 9th, I am unveiling three new pieces of my work this weekend, at — you guessed it — a bridal expo.  I will be displaying three examples of my new work that will be available for customization with a couple’s own wedding vows or selected poetry of their choice.  Depending on the light where the art is displayed, the words can either “float” above the painting or throw moving shadows onto it.  Check out the samples here and on my website:, and look for the Wedding Vow Art link on the left.

I’ll be at the expo with Salmon Gallery which has a new wedding registry service, and with my dear friend Barb Behrmann, who helped Gordon and me create our own special day and who now has put her fantastic skills that into creating Ceremonies and Events Planning of the Finger Lakes. The expo is a new event that focuses on local artists and vendors to help folks create an absolutely unique and homegrown wedding.  It’s hosted by Trumansburg’s own Dressella’s  and promises to be a fun time, with music and giveaways.  The website for the event is and will be at Emerson Suites on the Ithaca College campus from 12-3 on Sunday, Feb. 9.  Please share with anyone you know who’s planning a big event soon!



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