Wakey wakey!


So I don’t spend ENOUGH time on computers, apparently.  Now it’s a blog.  Great. Just what the world needs… another blog.

Well, too bad.  I like to create stuff. And then when I create stuff I want to share it with the world.

Right.  So here it is.  Here I am. Sharing.  Check out LanguageArts — http://www.cbgb-arts.com.  It’s my stuff.  Micrography.  Just what it says: micro and graphy.  Small writing.  Itty bitty writing.  Sometimes not so itty, sometimes not so bitty, either.  But that’s beside the point.

Out of a passion for ultra fine point pens and a desire to copy down an entire chapter of my social studies textbook to bring in for a 10th grade exam came the ability to write on grains of rice.  I do admit, however, that I really have no desire to write on grains of rice.  I just like saying I can.  If I wanted to, which I really don’t.

And if that’s not obsessive enough, now I write into glass.  Sometimes backwards.  You know, to get a two-level effect.

Sorry… I can’t help the movie quotes.  Anyway, enough intro.  I’d love to hear from you, my loyal readers.  Um, reader.  Meet Gordon.  He’s the creative genius behind ScissorTales — the other half of CBGB-Arts.  He’s also a writer, musician, teacher, etc.  I will be plugging his stuff as well.  Once I have more subscribers than just him.  Of course, he’s sleeping right now, and doesn’t even know he’s a subscriber yet.  He will be in the morning.  We are two ships that pass, snoring, in the night.


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